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Norfolk Smoke Pit - Raggmuffin Rub - 300g All Products, NEW STUFF!

Norfolk Smoke Pit - Raggamuffin Rub
Jerk Seasoning - 300g

Pure Jamaican jerk flavours with scotch bonnet powder bringing the authentic heat! Shake pon de chicken and be transported to Kingston Jamaica. Also works well on anything you want to give a jerk twist to - dash it pon ya fries, fish or vegetable kebabs for reggae style Caribbean flavours.

Use as a dry rub or make a marinade with soy sauce, cider vinegar and blended pineapple or mango. For maximum flavour let the marinade do it’s ting overnight.

Sugar , all spice ,thyme, garlic granules,cinnamon ,ground ginger, scotch bonnet powder, pepper. paprika, nutmeg, curry powder