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Salami San Lorenzello - Sliced Sunday Charcuterie, All Products

Salami San Lorenzello - 65g Sliced

An entirely original recipe deserves an entirely original name. You’ll find the village of San Lorenzello about an hour north-east of Naples. Famous for pottery & dinosaurs, it also just so happens to be the place where James’s (owner/charcutier) family hails from.

The salami itself sits somewhere between a chorizo & fennel salami, flavoured with De La Vera paprika, a little cayenne and toasted fennel seeds.

INGREDIENTS - rare-breed pork, red wine (CONTAINS SULPHITES), salt, paprika, black pepper, cayenne, fennel, garlic, starter culture, dextrose PRESERVATIVES E250 & E252

STORAGE - Store at 5°C or below. Once opened, refrigerate & consume within three days. For best results, take out of the fridge 10 minutes before enjoying.

Made By: Sunday Charcuterie