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Marsh Pig - Fabulous British Charcuterie.

MARSH PIG - Our award-winning British Charcuterie was born out of a personal love of fabulous food, and a belief that starting with quality ingredients will result in an amazing-tasting product. Marsh Pig only ever uses free-range and rare breed British pork and beef, ensuring a traceable, ethical and fantastic-tasting Charcuterie that supports our British farmers and ultimately provides our discerning customers with a premium product. 

Marsh Pig salami differs from continental salami in several ways;

  • We only ever use British Free Range and Rare Breed pork and beef in all of our products and our Venison is wild
  • None of our Salami, Chorizo or Air Dried products contain ANY allergens, allowing you to sell to a wider audience who may have food allergies
  • We use significantly less fat than our competitors, adding only 11% fat to pork leg meat rather than using shoulder meat with lots of sinew (those bits you get stuck in your teeth when eating other salamis) other producers traditionally use between 30-60% fat in their salami
  • We have a significantly higher meat content than other producers, on average our meat content is 94%
  • All of our products are hand-made in small batches ensuring the highest standards are met each time

Jackie & Sarah Kennedy.